Day out with the Gang.

After christmas is over there is an odd peroid of time where you are still waiting patiently for New years and time seems to move almost slow and fast at the same time. Its funny because when the kids are at school you feel you never see them but when they are home its scary how quickly you miss the school run! My mother and I thought it might be fun to go the park as the kids have new scooters, we dragged my dad along which he didn’t appreciate but it was a nice day overall.

All four kids got a new scooter as a gift from my parents but as we are a blended family we have a mixture of abilities in most activities. Two of our children have ridden scooters before but with three wheels which actually didn’t help them that much once we arrived. The kids were all a little tired and so we just planned to stop a couple of hours and give them a proper test drive. I may even do a review of these scooters once I get a chance. The kids loved them and jumped on straight away but it wasn’t all plain sailing!

I will try to talk more about being in a blended family in the For Mummies Like Me section. It’s been a total rollercoaster, but its so worth it. Melting two broken units into one family somehow gave us all something we didn’t know was missing! Anyway, here’s to you, all the mums like me struggling to keep sane in the holidays and looking for things to do! Hope you all had a brilliant Christmas!

A x

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