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Who actually likes to talk about themselves? I’m pretty sure everybody but you’re not really supposed to say that are you ! Well my name is Ashleigh, I’m 27 unfortunately and I’m mum to four children! Actually there are six of us, Me and my super patient and understanding boyfriend Tien and we both have 2 children each (2+2=4). Our oldest is Lara a porcelain doll with the weirdest sense of humour! Then Tai, the sweet politest boy that is irratatingly tech obsessed. Next is Alexis, who thinks she’s co parenting with me who’s stunningly beautiful and super loving. Finally Linh, who fluctuates between sweet and silent or bossy and in charge!

I decided to start a blog a couple times before but the lat year has been a massive learning curve and finally I’ve learned enough about myself to truly take a leap of faith. Basically life was nonstop for the last 12 months and I’ve finally decided to moan about it! You can tell I’ve aged because 26 year old me wouldn’t have admitted she had stuff to learn but boy did she!

I think I struggle to find mums like me, which can’t be legit because well im not that special, there must be lots of mums like me but because we’re not the Hollywood Movie mum or the PTA mom or even the Teen Mum, we just stay quiet. Mostly because mums like me actually like quiet as we can’t get it with all our noisy kids! I just thought maybe someone else would appreciate to here that I, like them, am a ‘after I post this pic” mum or a “talk like you have a secret as mummy has a headache mum” or even a ” kids sit and contemplate life while I keep up with my friends the kardashians” mum.

Maybe I will resonate with some of you, maybe I will make you laugh or maybe I’ll just use this as a way to waste time and call it a hobby! Whatever way it goes I’m just gonna continue to be myself, a dysfunctionally functional mummy.

Ashleigh xx

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