Blended Family Fortunes

Its a challenge at the best of time to get through life but it’s not nice when life throws you a curve ball. I was a young mum and I was so naive and had this rose tinted lenses on everything. I was pregnant at 17 and my then boyfriend was selling me a dream, a life like the movies and I was very happy to buy it. Needless to say the dream was just that and it never amounted to much more than my two beautiful girls, a mountain of debt, start of divorce preceedings and various self esteem issues. It ended abruptly and after ten years and I found myself alone with my girls for the first time. I spent a year finding my feet and working out who I was and believe me it didn’t go well, but December 2017 brought me a new sliver of hope.

Just before Christmas I met my now boyfriend, Tien, a wonderful man with this witty charisma that keeps me on my toes, his bossy and stubborn and he is the first and last person to tell me off (which I need) his my absolute perfect match and I know its true love because I want to kill him 90% of the time. Tien, has two children of his own and has full custody of them both, a boy and a girl and so when we met we were busy from day one. It’s been a year and now we’re a fully fledged family with two adults, 4 kids and 2 school runs. It’s been hectic at best but totally rewarding also and so we keep making goals and trudging on. Becoming this beautifully blended family hasn’t been easy but we have tackled it all one step at a time and now were stronger than ever. Im hoping my story as I share it with you all might inspire or even help some of you to feel your not alone!

Have you suffered a relationship split, or just become a blended family? Do you have any good advice for others in your situation? comment below!

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  1. Tina
    January 29, 2019 / 6:32 pm

    A lovely story so good to hear x

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