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Let’s talk about a sad truth! Many people just don’t see parenting your children full time as a job. Lots of heated conversations rage and in the midst some horrid perceptions often arise for example, that stay at home mums watch tv all day, that they clean for two hours and then go out with their friends, that its easy and they don’t get to say they are tired because they hardly left the house. I mean I could go on but I have tv to watch and I’m getting tired.

Let’s come at parenting full-time from a different angle! let’s list it as a job all applications welcome:

WANTED : Personal Assistant for demanding client. Role devised by omnipotent judgmental keyboard warriors and photoshop parents that don’t have a clue how to be real but excel at presenting an epic family portrait after 30 minuets on facetune.

  • Pay – This job is an unpaid position but there is a reward based program that your enrolled on from day one, consisting of pasta and glitter pictures, flowers from gardens of neighbours that judge us, half eaten snacks, things found on the ground and dirty nappies.
  • Overtime – You will of course not get any overtime as your shift will end at 7.30 when your client retires for the night and as we all know once a client is asleep your shift ends and its all me time!
  • Hours – Hours are flexible, you will only have to work when the client has something that needs resolving so as most would assume there is lots of downtime.
  • Qualifications – You will need to be a fully trained : chauffeur, doctor, maid, chef, waiter, tech specialist, homework enthusiast, on site safety specialist, hair stylist, hygienist, Feng shui expert, gardener, professional liar, good at independent work as nobody will help you, sarcastic and witty to respond to well groomed alpha parents and must be able to read books with multiple voices, draw efficiently enough to complete work on behalf of client and have knowledge of all school subjects from nursery to university level.

Review from past applicant –

I work the hardest job in the world. I mean I work for the most demanding people in the world and I really think I’m undervalued. Im on call 24/7 and I swear I do stuff that wasn’t even in the lengthy job description. Its day and night and I haven’t slept well in a good eight years maybe more. I love my job immensely and I really do try my best every day but the feeling of failing is so strong in my field. Its not women only, men do a pretty amazing job too but its a profession that doesn’t even give training so its all guess work. I really don’t know why but when I applied for this job I was so distracted by the application process that I didn’t think about the level of commitment once I got the job. Trying to survive in this business is horrible, I am often pitted against other women or men working hard to achieve the same goals, I work hard and never feel like I’m good enough, every now and then there are small accomplishments but beyond that its just a rat race. I have devised some strategies for my job to help others just like me:

Give up caring – we work work work work work to reach goals and standards we probably don’t even need to reach but feel like we have to because apparently there is something wrong with daytime tv , we just need to try and do one good thing every day and remind ourselves that were not on strictly come dancing, there is no vote off, no judges time and unfortunately no costume department. wear what you want, do what you can and be the best you that you can be. I can’t speak for working parents but I speak for myself and I don’t know which one of us has it harder. We can’t show people that what we do as parents is hard you have to live it to know that but we can stop letting others push us to meet unrealistic standards.

Have you overcome someones opinions in the past? have you proved someone wrong and feel proud of your accomplishment? share it with us below! Maybe check out some of my other posts Blended Family Fortunes and Get your Children to Love Reading!

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