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So I’m sure if your like me you spend all your time wandering the realms of instagram and you see lots of wonderful short hair styles and some time even dare to dream you have the same bold cut. That being said lets face it, it takes a certain type of woman to have the strength to get the chop!

No woman wants to admit they haven’t the nerve to get that edgy bob like Scarlett Johansson but deep down we all find comfort in our stereotypically feminine long locks. So when my six year old said “mummy I want it short, shorter than my shoulders” I immediately wondered where I had failed as a parent. Little girls are meant to have long hair, they are meant to look like Rupunzel aren’t they? Alexis was my hair model and I would style her like nobodies business, what would I do if she had it all cut!

I got in bed that night after promising her that if she still felt the same in one month I would cut it and I cried. Silly I know, but it felt like throwing away her gift! Alexis had the most epic long thick hair since she was 2 years old that did anything you needed, it was insta ready hair and in one month It may be gone! the next day Alexis was giddy so excited for the coming chop and I was sick to my stomach, sadly the days rolled on and one month later I found myself scissors in hand and tears in my eyes!

Alexis picked a photo from Pinterest of a young girl with short hair that laid on her cheeks and so I started to cut. Im not a professional hair stylist but I do know how to cut hair and 20 mins later it was done! Alexis was happier than ever before, she felt free and easy and she was so excited to have hair she could handle! As pretty as she looked she felt prettier still and overall she was happier than before. In that moment I learnt something about beauty about Lexi and about myself!

Lexi was one of those women, whose beauty needs no blanket, who’s confidence needs no boost and who’s happiness has no ties. Alexis was stunning with short hair and long and I was the only thing defining her beauty. (Kind like that moment in Penelope when her mum only needed to love her and her pig nose would have gone…). Beauty is about how you feel when you dress yourself in your favourite way and that is what Alexis knew all along! the standards of beauty we as women are heard too are impossible and we can’t ever break this cycle when we teach our children what society expects! Let them lead the way let them tell you what they think is beautiful and I’ll guarantee we all grow and become better people. They aren’t biased yet, they aren’t able to see gender or colour or race and they certainly don’t see ugly.

Were all born naked and the rest is Drag!

Ru Paul Charles

What we choose to wear is a moment in a long line of moments, it is an expression for that moment alone. Be you, be happy, be bold, be Lexi!

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  1. Tina
    February 4, 2019 / 8:32 pm

    She is so beautiful in all the photos and yes I agree you don’t have to have long hair to feel the ‘perfect’ woman

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