Winter is coming…I think!

The summer doesn’t seem to be fully over and winter isn’t really here either… its the 24th of December and not a single flake of snow in sight but actually the sun is shining and it looks very pretty outside. The year is coming to a close and boy was it was an eventful one. Many things happened to me and my little family this year but for the most part it was all good. The kids are adjusting to our new home with my boyfriend Tien and his two children. I am moving forward with many things and I really think were ready for a new fresh start after Christmas! I have been collating things all year to start this blog and now I have so many things I want to post that maybe it will seem a little erratic for the first couple weeks but I will settle into a routine in the new year.

I have had a pretty long year and its been nice to have the holidays to relax and regroup and start fresh! For a moment in the middle I wasn’t sure there was a fresh start… but now I am. I have things I want to achieve with my children this year coming as they all have hurdles and goals to over come so I am going to take the next two weeks to set myself up on here and organise what I am going to blog about. We enjoyed many things in the summer such as Race for life and Colchester Zoo, a boat trip to see seals in Norwich and plenty of nice dinners and family nights in. Despite all that we plan for bigger and better things next year.

The summer was nice for all six of us and now my kids are in the next year at school and growing so fast but the things they need to get by are more and more intense every day. I hope you join me as I try to work on so many things with my kids and myself as I hope maybe I can help even just one of you to not feel alone. I’ve been working up to this moment all year and even though I am never ready for all this stuff to happen I’ll try non stop even when its all a mess. Think of me as Bambi on ice…. one long struggle to stand up and when I do nothing much happens… I guess its okay though.. I have a huge bum to land on!

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